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At Old Dominion Electric Cooperative, we are always exploring and evaluating new ways to operate in harmony with the environment. ODEC’s energy innovation initiatives are promoted under the slogan “We Put All of Our Energy into Energy” to outline our commitment to conserving energy.

News: Who says you can’t change people’s energy behavior?

Just a few years ago the idea of changing energy behavior was viewed as quirky. The thinking was: Forget it, people ignore energy, they’re not going to remember to shut off the lights no matter how much you cajole, flatter or worry them. But companies like Opower, and a growing number of energy behaviorists, are…

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News: The connected home – reaching critical mass for the grid?

After a decade or more of false starts and unrealistic expectations, “connected home” technology is finally gaining enough market share for vendors to start bragging about the numbers. And that means that the energy management side of the business, while still low on the list of consumers’ reasons for buying into the technology, could start…

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